First thing's first...

I bet you need a little help pronouncing my name. That's fine, you're not the first. Luckily, I created a quick tutorial just for you.

Cool, now that we've got that settled, how about I tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a designer and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn NY. I know that the term "entrepreneur" is used a little loosely these days, but that’s what I am. I co-founded a nifty little product called Float, a tool that helps managers allocate their team's time to their projects. In addition, I'm the founder of Made For Humans - a small one man design shop that provides services to a variety of clients, from fortune 500 companies to small start-ups.

Until recently, I was the Design Lead at Twitter New York. I was tasked with establishing the NY design team from the ground up and was also the Design Lead for Search and Relevance. I joined Twitter through the acquisition of a company I helped create, called Julpan. There I was head of product and helped create a variety of different products that utilized the powerful infrastructure the wonderful engineers built.

When I have a free moment, I enjoy producing and mixing electronic music, having fun with my family, and eating. Boy, do I love eating.

Here are just some of the companies I have had the privilege of working with: