Let's not fall for the numbers game

Written by Yaron Schoen February 28, 2013

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Ifell across this wonderful interview of Mr. Rogers, I suggest you listen to it while you work. In the third part, around 18 minutes in, he talks about the time he had at NBC before going into public broadcasting. What he says can technically be applied to any field, but it especially resonated with me because of my work on the Web.

[NBC] was such a great learning place for me. But some of the greatest things about it were the people that I worked with. And isn’t that always the case. I mean you can learn the mechanics anywhere, but it is the relationships that develop. Kurt Browning for instance was one of the ushers in our wedding. When people work very close together to create something that they feel has value that they want to give to their audiences, they become a community. It’s a real blessing to be part of a community of givers. If your main focus happens to be the person who is going to be watching what you are producing, that to me is the greatest thing you can ever have. It is so much more important than how many people are going to be watching. It's what if this person who is watching, is somehow moved to do something of value because of what you put on the air. That is so much more important than the numbers of millions of people who are tuned in. But it is all a matter of quality vs quantity. If we can only not fall for the numbers game. We can continue to have this medium be a really thoughtful one.


Written in New York. © 2013