The New Float

Written by Yaron Schoen Oct 20, 2014

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Last week I mentioned our new design and development studio, Made for Humans. Today I’m happy to share that our team shipped a completely new version of Float, our team scheduling SaaS solution. It’s a beast. All-new tech, a bunch of new features and improvements, plus a fresh coat of paint. Go try it out!

Float launched back in 2012, and we’ve been incrementally improving the service as we go, but this release has been our largest to date. It’s been a herculean effort and I’m super proud of our team. Float is 100% bootstrapped which makes everything a bit harder, but definitely more rewarding.

With this release we both simplified the design and added new features, which is always a tough thing to pull off. But I think we did a great job landing on a new and better baseline to iterate and improve on. My next todos are to improve our tutorial process, work on the schedule monthly view’s scanability, and a bunch more stuff.

Quick shout out to our current customers, and everyone helping out with our beta. Ya’ll have been really awesome and supportive, big huge thank you! We literally couldn’t do it without you.

I’m gonna follow up with some posts on our design process, and will probably post it on Float’s blog. But for now, if you’re on the hunt for a team workflow management tool, give Float a shot and sign up for the free trial. If you have any feedback, comments, or need help, please don’t hesitate to email me or tweet at me and I’ll respond as soon as I responsibly can.

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