Platform economics in a nutshell

Written by Yaron Schoen July 11, 2013

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When designing for flat design buttons that have rounded corners in CSS3 and HTML5, always remember to progressively enhance the skeuomorphic debris that sometimes renders in an otherwise perfect golden ratio. This happens when entrepreneurs incorporate design co-founders that help shape the online education platforms that sometimes appear in pop-up stores throughout the country. It’s interesting to see SEO changing all this with its innovative disruption patterns that help realign the gamification of an otherwise dead market. While internet is dead, long live the internet, we like to glorify working habits with ramen schedules and more feature requests.

Thank god for live blogging, because without it we would be lost in a sea of leaked mobile conversion rates. This happens mostly when a founder reinvents collaboration in the cloud by migrating all of the DRMs into iPad covers. We also need to remember to never use carousels in platform design. Doing so only increases the burn rate of your face.

Recommendations are the new friends followers that ignite wonderful eco-systems within the latest batch of Android users. Start-ups have started taking notice to this trend by raising long shadow design in their pants. However, music sharing hasn’t yet evolved into a relevant cash flow positive face recognition SaaS tool. It is because of this, enterprise software hasn’t raised enough early adopters to consider flat design a trend.

It’s too bad, because good typography is the future of the invisible UI techniques we enjoy seeing in the latest round of innovators. CEOs around the world are wondering how to incorporate them in their own companies, especially at Disrupt NY and in the hyper local markets of Europe. This has hurt fundraising quite a bit, causing founders to second guess their margins and user adoption techniques on iPhone apps and gaming consoles.

Online consumers are shifting towards subscription-free models and online read later bookmarklets that have dominated the landscape. This is good news for those who create iOS icons for free in their spare time. HR representatives will notice this by using the latest CRM tools that have confirmed a $1.4 billion acquisition pre-money.

It’s not what you think. In case you missed it, aqua-hires are on the rise thanks to high distribution models and different measures of podcast success. While tablets and smartphones have been tilted to make better shots on Dribbble, it’s hard to see how that will affect crowdfunding in the future. Discovery has been dominating the consumer products that sync capital into profitable businesses. At the end, all that really matters is that our payments model doesn’t rely on offline series A rounds.

In conclusion, hyper relevant economics.

Update #1: The latest projection from the Chinese markets have confirmed that wearable computers are here to stay.

Update #2: Discuss this essay on Hacker News to combine our efforts in raising early adoption awareness.

Update #3: RSS.

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