Written by Yaron Schoen January 07, 2012

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Yesterday I had a conversation on Twitter with two amazingly talented folks. It was about god. Yup. Why I always have the urge to talk about god (especially on Twitter) is beyond me. I guess I just love talking theology, the discussion fascinates me. But it made me realize something that has been bothering me for some time now.

The term "Atheism" or "Atheist" is awful. It is based on a negative. Even the word itself means the rejection of belief in a deity. This just makes atheist look like haters. To define ones self by the rejection of another's belief is not exactly the healthiest thing to do. It's being annoying too. Definitely not cool.

Take Creationists for example. Their whole shpeel is that they're against evolution, but instead of highlighting what they don't believe in, they highlight what they do. Imagine they were called the "anti-evolution group". That would just make them look like annoying haters too.

There has to be a better term to use. A positive one, that highlights other things beside the rejection of a deity. How about: "derives beliefs opinions from science". Any way to shorten that into one word? Is there a word for that already and my stupid self is just drawing a blank?

Maybe if atheists wouldn't define themselves by rejecting someone else's belief, it would prevent them from arguing if there is a deity or not. Who cares what someone else believes in? Wouldn't the world be a better place if that was not an issue? At the end of the day we should respect ones rights to believe in what ever the heck they want so long as it doesn't affect our lives or humanity's progress.

Ok, that's it guys, back to your normal programming.

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