The Baby

Written by Yaron Schoen April 27, 2011

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Remember that Seinfeld episode? "When is Jerry gonna see the baby?!" It was by far one of my favorites. I really hope that Adva and I won't grow up to be that kind of parent. Well Adva doesn't have that annoying voice. She has a quite pleasant one if you ask me. Also, I am pretty sure our baby won't look like Lyndon Johnson. It would look more like us I assume. Anyways, I guess what I am trying to say here is that Adva and I are pregnant! Yeay! Well, actually Adva is way more pregnant than I am. I am not pregnant at all. That would be weird. I mean, the baby is mine and all, but it is just not in my womb. Cause I don't have one. Don't be silly.

We don't know if it is a boy or a girl yet, but we are one of those parents that would prefer to know. I guess that is just the way we are. Adva is Swiss, she needs to plan. I am American, I have no patience. So, only at week 20 they will let us know for sure. If they say it is a girl on week 20 and then realize it is a boy on week 25, that would be embarrassing. Though that may happen. I'll blame the technology.

Adva hasen't really started to get cravings. I, on the other hand have. I think I even gained a few pounds. Maybe I do have a womb after all? Na, those pounds are probably from all the hamburgers I have been eating lately. And pickles.

Wow, our lives are going to change sooooo much! Not really sure how, but I am sure it is going to be exciting. No more late nights. Probably many early mornings. Hey then I will have a real Old Man's Schedule to follow. I hope that doen't mean I can't drink beer anymore. That would be a shame. Even though I will probably be drunk on life, which would be rather cool. Cause right now, I usually get drunk on beer. Or whiskey. What am I thinking? I'll be 32 when the baby is born. Be responsible Yaron. Start Drinking root beer... spiked with whiskey. Shhh don't tell anyone.

Ok, in all seriousness guys, I usually keep personal stuff in my life, well, personal. But this is such a joy for us and we feel it is time to just say it! Besides, it would be kind of awkward if you met up with us and you would have seen Adva's belly. Nope, that ain't from donuts. Adva's pregnant.

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